How to apply for sponsorship under TNR FUND HK

if you prefer to Whatsapp / email in application

Eligibility : 

  1. Stray dogs or cats

  2. “Half-owned”dogs or cats that are not confined and are free to roam and breed e.g. village dogs/cats, warehouse dogs/cats

(Please note that shelter dogs/cats and dogs/cats pending adoption are not eligible)


Application procedures:

  • Please FIRST make an appointment for the desexing surgery with one of our partnering vet clinics. Please mention that the booking is under TNR Fund HK.

  • After an appointment is made, please apply online or fill in the downloadable application form and email the completed form to, or Whatsapp to 5500 5664. Please also email / whatsapp (5500 5664) a photo of the dog / cat (not later than 3 days after the surgery). 

  • Once your application is approved, you will be notified of the reference number for the dog / cat. The Fund will send a confirmation letter to the selected vet clinic prior to the surgery.

  • TNR Fund HK will directly pay the vet clinic the desexing surgical fee in full, plus any medications necessary for the surgery.

  • Approval usually takes at least 3 working days. In urgent cases, please send a text message / whatsapp to 5500 5664.  

  • Should you need to change the date of surgery, you can arrange with the clinic directly. You should also notify TNR Fund HK of the new surgery date by email / text / whatsapp.

  • A unique reference number is assigned to each approved dog / cat. Please submit a new application form if you need to replace with another dog / cat for surgery.

Please note:

  • Dogs and cats sponsored by TNR Fund HK are required to have ear tip clipping for identification purpose. 

  • TNR Fund HK only covers the desexing surgery expenses and not other medical costs.

  • Explicit consent for desexing and ear tip clipping must be obtained from the owner should the dog / cat have one.

  • TNR Fund HK will not be responsible for any mishaps during, and arising from the catching, transportation and surgery.

  • The vet has the right to refuse carrying out desexing for the animal should he / she feels the animal's physical condition poses a serious risk for surgery. 

  • TNR Fund HK has the right to approve or reject any application. 

Ear clipping enables volunteers to identifiy dogs and cats that have already been desexed from a distance. It is done when the animal is under general anaesthesia during desexing.