Trap, Neuter and Return ("TNR") - the much kinder way to control dog and cat population 

TNR FUND HK (a registered charitable institution in HK) was set up to support the desexing of stray and loosely-owned dogs (half-strays) in Hong Kong. Thousands of surplus dogs are killed in Hong Kong each year. Desexing is a much more humane way of dog population control and improves the welfare of stray dogs. Since March, 2018, we have included cats as well as we saw there is a need in this area.


How we work:

TNR FUND HK sponsors 100% of the surgery costs for the desexing of eligible dogs and cats at one of our partner vet clinics. For eligibility and application, please click 



Benefits of TNR to dogs & cats

Benefits of TNR to humans

  • Less animals are born to suffer the difficult and painful life of a stray: traffic accidents, diseases, starvation, abuse


  • Desexed dogs & cats are healthier

    • Females no longer drained from repeated pregnancies and nursing

    • Males no longer fight over females thus reducing chance of fatal wounds 

  • Less nuisance from stray dogs & cats

  • Less resources needed in the future to manage surplus dogs and cats

Where are the dogs & cats?

The strays and the loosely-owned dogs and cats are mostly in the New Territories and Sai Kung area. A lot of these animals are loosely-owned and are found in villages, container yards, warehouse yards, scrapyards etc. It is common for one yard to have over 50 dogs. 

Who brings in the dogs & cats? 

The dogs and cats are mostly brought in by independent volunteers who are passionate about animal welfare. They often spend hours catching the animals, arrange transport at their own costs, and provide post-op care when needed.