TNR Fund HK 終止運作 (2020年10月)

Cessation of Operation of TNR Fund HK (Oct 2020)

我們很感激過去八年,各界對我們的支持 - 包括義工、捐助者及伙伴獸醫診所。 在這期間,我們為超過 2,200 隻狗及 480 隻貓提供了免費絕育。 

雖然 TNR Fund HK 不再接受申請,但下列機構有提供免費絕育服務給合資格的申請人:  




We deeply appreciate all the support that had been given to us by volunteers, donors and vet clinic partners for the past 8 years. During this time, TNR Fund HK had provided free desexing to over 2,200 dogs and 480 cats.  

Although TNR Fund HK no longer accepts applications, free desexing is offered by the following organizations to eligible applicants: 




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